Music: "Montreal" by Kaki King

Shots1-4, 13, 14
“Serotiny” December 2013 Student Film
I completed the full production in Maya 2014 and After Effects CS6, including modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and post effects.
Shot 1 - Glow spread through animated mask
Shot 2 - render layers, color correction and fire effects breakdown. Fire effects created using Trapcode Particular
Shot 3 - Animated mask on glow effects
Shot 4 - Render Layer Breakdown of the “Tree of Life”
Shot 13- 3D camera Tracking - flames on branck tips
Shot 14 - Ash particles animated using Trapcode Particular

Shots 5, 6, 8,
“Cracked” Student film, May 2013
I completed the full production of this short film over the course of 10 weeks. I created all models, rigs, textures, lighting and animation (Autodesk Maya), and final edits and composites (Adobe After Effects).

Shot 7
“A Peculiar Allergy” May 2012 Student Film
I completed the full production using Dragonframe and stop motion, paper cut out techniques. Paper
characters were rotoscoped and composited into a pixilated character using Adobe After Effects CS5.

Shot 9
“I say to him., ‘God...’” 2013
Monologue test. I completed all animation in Maya using the Goon Rig courtesy of Sean Burgoon.

Shot 10
Matte Painting Model for Augmented Reality Educational “Pop-Up Book” on Pompeii, May 2014
I created matte paintings using Photoshop CS6, and Placed and animated 2D cards using Maya 2014. The Maya file is meant for use in the Metaio Creator augmented reality application.
Shot 11
Matte Painting of Vesuvius
I compiled and edited my own photographs in Adoobe Photoshop CS6 and completed matte painting
layout using Maya 2014 and NukeX V. 10

Shot 12
“Bear Hug” May 2014 - Student Film Dir. Ed Foose
I completed color correction of the animated character, particle and roto effects using Adobe After
Effects CS6.


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