Mathieu Labaye's short-movie, Camera etc (Belgium, Liège):
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Réalisation : Mathieu Labaye
Assistant(s) : Sébastien Godard
Scénario : Mathieu Labaye
Technique : Dessin animé
Monteur : Mathieu Labaye
Musique : Fabian Fiorini et Mathieu Labaye
Durée : 9 minutes
Version : VF - sous-titres anglais
Support : 35 mm

Great tribute to his father Benoît Labaye, suffered from a multiple sclerosis at 29 years old. Benoît Labaye had been confined to a wheelchair since age 40 and died at 55 years old the 04.22.2006, as a result of a pneumonia.

In the movie, you can hear Benoît Labaye speaking:

"I think it's by the movement you appropriate your own life. By the freedom to come and go, to have gestures of love, tenderness, anger, whatever. When you are deprived of movements, as I am and as a lot of other people are, I think if you want to survive, you must reinvent the movement differently. And so what happens inside my head isn't purely brain, purely intellectual. It's a way of recreating an inner space which is also my freedom."

"When you live a severe handicap, when you live absolutely still, dependent, you live, in fact, something that can't be shared, that can't be easily expressed, which you can't easily talk about. Because when two people talk, to be able to understand each other, they need to have a minimum of common experience between them, to speak of something they both know from some form of experience."

"Sure, the stillness, the handicap, brings you to the conclusion and to the gradual acceptance that there's a certain number of things that you can't do. But conversely I think it opens a whole bunch of new possibilities, notably with inner freedom, inner space, but also with the way you can come in contact, in relation with others.
I think there is in the handicap, in the disease, a lot of potentiality. The human being is inexhaustible at the level of desire, of energy, of inner strength. Ans it's something you discover with maybe more urge, more intensity, when you're deprived of movement."

court-métrage de Mathieu Labaye, Camera etc (Belgique,Liège):
Magnifique hommage à son père Benoît Labaye, atteint d'une sclérose en plaques à 29 ans. Dans un fauteuil roulant à 40 ans, Benoît Labaye s'est éteint le 22.04.2006 à l'age de 55 ans des suites d'une pneumonie.

- Prix du public au Festival Rythmetic 2010
- Prix de la Province de Liège au Festival Vidéographie 2010
- Mention spéciale du Jury au festival du film d’animation de Lisbonne Monstra 2010
- Grand Prix expérimental au Festival International du Court métrage de Roanne 2010
- Mention spéciale du Jury Animation au Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers 2009
- Jury Diploma au festival Open cinema 2009 de Saint-Petersburg 2009
- Premier prix au Festival de création vidéo Octobre rouge de Dudelange 2009
- Special Jury Award Prize at the Hida International Animation Festival of Folktales and Fables 2009
- Mention spéciale du Jury Ados au festival Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne 2009
- Achievement Award at Harmony film festival 2009
- Audience Jury award for an outstanding animated film from the Pink elephants programme au festival Dok Leipzig 2009
- Diplôme du Jury au festival Open cinema 2009 de Saint-Petersburg 2009
- Prix Dokukids au festival Dokufest 2009
- Grand Prix au Festival 2 Annas de Riga 2009
- Meilleur film d’animation et Prix de la presse à Média 10/10 2008
- Meilleur court métrage d’animation ex-æquo au Festival de cinéma indépendant de Barcelone 2008
- 3ème prix Compétition internationale de courts métrages à Animadrid 2008
- Meilleur film d’animation ex-aequo au festival Imaginaria 2008
- 2nd prix Y-Gen Section Short Films Giffoni Film Festival 2008
- Meilleur film d’animation étranger au Atlanta Underground film festival 2008


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