Welcome Evening hosted by Sesame Street’s Bert, with talks by Sesame Workshop President and CEO, H. Melvin Ming and SVP of Education and Research, Rosemarie Truglio. It is followed by In C: A live iOS/Acoustic Music Performance, presented by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute.

The face of contemporary classical music is changing rapidly, and the recent and enormous strides in technology that intersect with music and performance are impossible for musicians and music educators to ignore. New models of interaction between performer and audience, educator and student are constantly emerging, widening the opportunities for musical engagement in meaningful, creative ways.

Presented by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute, this performance (further developed with participants through a hands-on design activity held at IDC on June 23rd) builds on recent work of Decoda, a new cutting-edge chamber music collective focused on creative community engagement, in collaboration with Bad Plug, a group of music technologists whose focus is designing interactive installations and performance work. Together, the two teams have developed a new performing version of Terry Riley’s seminal minimalist classic In C.

The project seamlessly integrates iOS devices with a live ensemble of professional musicians from The Declassified, elementary school students, and audience members, enabling the students and audience to put their own unique stamp on the performance and concert experience.

Christopher Amos, Director, Educational Media and Technology, Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute
Paul Murphy, project leader, Decoda
Enrico De Trizio, project leader, Bad Plug

Learn more: idc2013.org

j vimeo.com/72114365

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