The Tri-Cities has experienced an unprecedented period of growth over the past decade. Growth is often considered to be a “good” thing in that it often brings with it added community diversity, added jobs and revenue, and more “quality of life” options. Others are concerned that growth that is not “managed” properly brings with it additional community costs, a lack of sustainability, and urban sprawl.
Today’s forum explores the pros and cons of community growth from the diverse prospective of local government, the development community, and those who support sustainable development. What role do enforced urban growth boundaries play in development decisions? Are development decisions driven by potential tax revenues? Our speakers are: Gary Crutchfield, the Pasco City Manager; Jeff Losey, Executive Director of the Homebuilders Association of the Tri-Cities; and Tim Fredrickson, President of the Committee for Livable Communities.
Specific issues to be included are: 1) impacts of Growth Management Act on development; 2) the role of the profit motive in determining where development occurs; 3) the roles of development fees and construction sales taxes in promoting development; and 4) costs and benefits of sustainable development.


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