Get Gravel! from POLYGAMe d i g i t a l is the ultimate arcade rally driving game for Android an iOS tablets and phones!

Got the need? The need for speed? How about a quick burn around a tropical island in a high-powered, 4WD rally machine? Perhaps a bit of drifting through the sun-drenched countryside, or a blast through ice and snow in your classic rally spec'd coupe? Love cars? Love speed? Love to get a bit sideways? We've got you covered, but just remember: Asphalt is for the weak. Get some steelies. GET GRAVEL!


* Five playable rally car classes (can you unleash The Beast?)
* Multiple rally stages, across various exotic locales
* Five championship modes to complete
* Single stage mode - beat your best times and practice for the main events!
* Real rally car physics... well, real FUN rally car physics!
* Thumping metal soundtrack from Wackor, RKH and Necropolo
* Awesome 3D graphics, featuring dense forests and palm-filled beaches
* Multiple control modes
* Adjustable video options - tweak the performance to suit your device!
* Insane sideways rally racing action!!!

Right, now you know what it's all about, so what are you waiting for? Get your rally on! Get racing! Get Gravel!
Available on itunes and google play


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