"People see me, or see my work rather, online, and they assume that I'm a man, and they assume that I'm a lot older than I am."

Elyssa Harper is a graphic design student at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, New York. She is an artist whose work crosses mediums and genres, mixing fine art with stencil-based public art. Either legally commissioned or unlawfully tagged, her iconic works aim to make public spaces more pleasing areas to be by adding a splash of color to the dull or decaying cityscape around it.

Follow Elyssa's doings on Instagram @fivefootharp (instagram.com/fivefootharp)

Presented as part of an ongoing series of Upstate NY artists produced by Jesse Livergood.
Shot on a Canon EOS 60D with
50mm 1.8 & 18-135mm 3.5-5.6 lenses.
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.
September - October 2013

Max Collins - vimeo.com/72059544

j vimeo.com/76934528

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