Synopsis - A kid visits Salina Turda's amusement park, built on an old salt mine in Romania.
Un enfant visite le parc d'attraction de Salina Turda, construit dansune ancienne mine de sel en Roumanie.


A film by,

Emmanuel JAMBOIS -
Co-directing / Modeling / Technical Lead / Lighting / Shading / Compositing

Co-directing / Modeling / Rigging / Layout / Lead Animation

Marie OWONA -
Co-directing / Character Rigging / Tools Development / Animation

Alexandra WOZNIAK -
Co-directing / Texturing / Lighting / Matte Painting / Compositing

Tzu-Ying YEN -
Modeling / Texturing / Lighting / Compositing

Soundtrack - Gérald Dorai-Mouëtron / OrMusic Production

Sound design - Romain Nicolas


You can support SalinaTurda on
Or contact us at
And maybe you would visite the real mine at

Story freely inspired of Salina Turda, in Romania, any resemblance to reality will be a result of pure chance, even for the Cola and its recipe.

Supinfocom graduation film, 2012


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