Treaven Mitchell is a skateboarder from Jackson, TN. After losing his father, a combat Marine vet, he keeps living life, himself now a husband and father. He continues skating out of the remnants of a bond that was formed while running his skate shop inside his fathers locksmith shop.

2014 Knoxville Film and Music Festival
2014 Intendence Film Festival
When this trailer was made public on November 5, 2013 it was accompanied by a fund raising campaign designed to help our small crew complete this film. We have all been incredibly humbled by the financial support we received to finish "Lock and Roll". Our family and friends and even total strangers made contributions big and small, donating to the point where we surpassed our goal. Whether they were checks in large amounts or pennies from under a sofa (even ones that had hair or parts of mints stuck to them), you can bet we are thankful.


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