Every once in a while a project comes along that sticks out from the rest. When our friends at B-Reel were asked to produce a frozen moment film of a child delivery, they turned to us for VFX help. Naturally we were intrigued and felt that this was a challenge to be met!

The shoot was quite tricky as the actors had to stand still for about 90 seconds for each take. On set we used a doll, which we later replaced with our CG baby. It was useful as a lighting reference as well as for tracking purposes.

A lot of time was put into modeling and sculpting to get the baby’s expression just right. Getting the hair right was also tricky and in the end it became a mix of lots and lots of hand painted hair curves and textures.

For this project we had the pleasure of trying out some of the new features of vRay 3.0 (beta). For example the updated sub surface scattering shader.

Check out our mesmerising spot and our CG-Baby!

j vimeo.com/87167400

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