Being scared is a fascinating feeling. It gets you pumped and excited but not in a good way. Your heart races and you have that feeling of dread. The feeling like somethings just about to touch the back of your neck. While these aren't ALL my favorite movies [I decided not to include series like Jason Freddy Michael and such] These are the ones that either scared me most [The Exorcist, The Fly, Jaws] Or movies that I really really love [Psycho, Trick R Treat, The Crazies, etc.] I tried to include each mini genre of horror. From Gore Fest to Psychological to Anthology to Thriller.

Movies Used:
The Fly
Trick R Treat
The Crazies
The Exorcist
Evil Dead
The Shining
Let The Right One In
The Cabin In The Woods

Songs Used:
Psycho Killer - The Talking Heads
Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Stress [Auto Remix] - Justice

No Copyright Infringement Intended For Anything Used In This Video.


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