The Rural Revolution Photography Exhibit was conceived and curated by alumna Peg Tassey (RUP 1979-1981). Originally born as an idea to have a small exhibit of 3 or 4 photography friends from her 1970's classes at Goddard with teacher Jeff Weiss, the project grew as she reached out to all of the photography students from the whole decade. After finding people on Goddard's Alumni Facebook page and various email lists, Peg convinced 27 alums to crawl through their attics and find their vintage art work made in C-Basement on campus where the dark room was located throughout the 70's. Goddard's Photography department made up 1/3 of the student body back in the day and was known for its extraordinary faculty and adventurous students. Peg received over 800 photographs, and over the course of three months she wove them together into a two part exhibit.

The first part of The Rural Revolution Photography Exhibit was a physical exhibition of photographs that alums sent from all over the country via snail mail, many which were then matted and framed by Goddard Archivist David Hale´ and then presented in the beautiful and restored Martin Manor...each room having multiple artists' sections displayed in many different ways, true to Goddard tradition. The Opening Reception was attended by over 150 art lovers, many from the community surrounding Goddard.

The second part and a closer look at The Rural Revolution Photography Exhibit is the slide show. Many, many hours in the making, with the technical support of Goddard's Alumni Outreach Coordinator, Dustin Byerly, Peg also wanted to present the work of photography alums who could not send their vintage prints from as far away as Germany and India, but who wanted to participate and sent digital scans. The Rural Revolution Slideshow was presented at the 150th in the packed Haybarn Theater where it was projected on the 20ft x 20ft screen as Peg's husband, Indigo Ruth-Davis performed music he wrote for the event live, on cello, using a delay loop and creating an atmosphere that had many viewers in tears.

The energy of the 1970's was caught on film by these young students and faculty who were at Goddardduring a period of great change....and there is nothing that looks or feels the same. We hope you will enjoy this slideshow.

Gratitude to all contributing 1970's photography students and faculty:

Andrew Kline
Barry Toranto
Bruce Spear
Daniel Quat
David Blackett
David Sinrich
Dicran Derderian
Eva Shoshany
George Legrady
Glenn Koenig
John Hagman
John Mahoney
Jon Cornell
Jon Perlmutter ,
Jonathan Sharlin
Karen O'hearn
Keith Thompson
Linda Hogan
Linda Levinson
Marc Weinstein
Neal Warshaw
Pamela Benham
Paula Siwek
Peg Tassey
Roland Freeman ( contributed an artifact)
Ruchir Joshi
Sandy Jackson
Susan bein


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