This fractal animation has been created by Arthur Stammet in August 2013. It's based on a very deep fractal zoom rendered with Fractal eXtreme and an electronic soundtrack, composed at the CNR (Centre de recherches) at Metz (France) in November 1987: "Scherzo elettronico 2 - Drops climbing down the Waterfront".

The fractal, which has a depth of 88260710400 iterations, explores a very minimalistic region of the standard Mandelbrot set. This very calm journey leads us to the tip of the frontal antenna of the set and lets us discover some mini Mandelbrots announced by a constantly growing condensation of "wave-rays". These kindly psychedelic interruptions allow the appearance of some nice bends, leading to abstract heads with two eyes.

A series of stills (the storybook of the movie) is available on flickr:


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