Catalogtree experiments in various fields such as micro robotics and typography. The dutch design studio is highly interested in self-organising systems.

Catalogtree was founded in 2001 by Daniel Gross and Joris Maltha. Experimental tooling, programming, typography and the visualization of quantitative data are only a small extract of their daily business. Their work ist acting to Catalogtree's own maxim "Form Equals Behaviour". Recent endeavours include an interactive documentary for the iPad, a swarm of 21 bristle bots and a double pendulum gear clock.

Amongst their clients are Phaidon Press, Vitra Design Museum, Architect Magazine and New York Times Magazine. Daniel and Joris are also teaching at Design Academy's Master course in Eindhoven/NL.

As one of Germanys major design conferences the see conference addresses the latest trends in the world of information visualization and provides a variety of insights into fields such as architecture, performance, film, art, technology, research and communication. The see conference promotes the experience of information and presented projects and people that fascinate us and can proudly be ranked among the most fascinating on their subjects.


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