Quick Cuts are a series of bi-monthly videos based on the what's what at ourCaste. Enjoy and feel free to inquire about submitting footage.

You know how it goes, when your hopes are high with dreams of large empty waves and it’s all you're thinking of when the alarm goes off at 6 a.m. ??
Top that off by previously coming up on a Red Epic camera, brand new board from your shaper and a solid crew to shoot with. It's scenarios like this when the ocean almost always takes a dump on you, where the waves go flat and you're shoulder to shoulder with a crowd that showed up in full force. What then? Most would pack everything up, return the camera and be on their way. Wouldn’t it be more fun just to paddle out and catch a few despite the current conditions? It's in these moments that the magic often happens—where your expectations are low and you head out care free and have a whale of a good time anyway. Sure, we could have hoped for better conditions but it's in these unpredictable moments that we find the most fun in the most unsuspecting places.

j vimeo.com/75275543

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