"Porcelain Decks" takes over CaliHelsinki, the streetwear concept store, for two weeks in 23.8.-8.9.2012. The exhibition consists of 12 different decks made out of porcelain that are illustrated with various ceramic techniques. In addition a short film made in collaboration with production company Cocoa and Angel Films is presented.

The show grows from the passion to skateboard culture and design. Tomi Freeman, the head designer of CTRL Clothing has illustrated three of the porcelain decks. The space of CaliHelsinki brings an authentic atmosphere to the show where viewers can compare the life-size porcelain decks to the wooden originals. Each of the decks is handmade and unique.

Helsinki-based designer Man Yau (b. 1991) is graduating next year as a Bachelor of Arts in ceramics and glass design from Aalto University's School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Yau's works have been previously exhibited in group shows in Finland at Design Museum, World Design Capital Pavillion and Galleria Köln. Her works that combine art and design have also been on display abroad at DMY International Design Festival and Unplus Gallery in Berlin. Yau has also done illustration for Finnish companies Seven Inch Skateboards and CTRL Clothing. "Porcelain Decks" is Yau's first solo show.

The short film "Porcelain Decks By Man Yau" made in collaboration with Taito Kawata (Cocoa) and Angel Films shows what happens when pro-skater Mikko "Kivi" Kivikoski tries skating with porcelain decks.

In collaboration with: CaliHelsinki, CTRL Clothing Oy, Cocoa, Angel Films, Samsung, Happy Joe and Miller.


j vimeo.com/48132828

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