Reddish is a series of table objects made in co-operation with Cor Unum. The ceramics producer from 's-Hertogenbosch,with whom we previously developed the porcelain Kopje Kopje, celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2013. On the occasion of this joyful event, the company invited us to take a classic bowl from 1977, designed by founder Zweitse Landsheer, and provide it with a makeover in form and colour. We extended the original shape downward, upward and broadwise.

Together with Cor Unum, we subsequently thought up a remarkable procedure for the colouring of this exclusive ceramics. The objects were placed in liquid red pigment, which is absorbed by the material and moves its way up. Hence, the ceramics is dyed organically by time. Void of any human intervention, the porosity of the material and the duration of the dye decide on the outcome.

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