In this tutorial we will cover how to use Zbrush's multi-map exporter to create multi-tile displacement maps, as well as how to use the Project All tab to make changes to our Zbrush sculpt on the fly.

Say for instance you've completed a sculpt, but need to change the UV's or have decided to go from a single UV tile to a multi-UV tile obj after the fact. You will need to re-import that new mesh into Zbrush using the append subtool option to create a polymesh 3d. Then once you have swapped your polymesh 3d for your new obj, you can use Project All to get all the details from your original sculpt onto the new one.

After going over the settings in the multi-map exporter, we will then take the files into Maya to be rendered in Vray. In this final portion of the video, we will go over all the basics on how you configure Vray to accept the Displacement maps for rendering.


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