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A tribute to the love between sisters Anna and Elsa from Disney's Frozen. "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri is the song from Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Anna and Elsa are so diverse and complex in their personalities. Elsa is a very sympathetic, poised character who is not mean, just profoundly misguided and emotionally torn; Anna's optimism, faith in others, and selflessness combined with her whimsical nature, awkwardness and caring make her an very endearing and charming character.

Here is the unfortunate and tragic irony; both sisters ache with all their hearts for the same goal of having a deeply emotional and meaningful relationship with each other, but they are unable to achieve it despite their best efforts and because of their mistaken belief systems. For Elsa, it's because of her powers which she believes she can only control by hiding from the world to protect others from herself and by suppressing her feelings, even her deep love for Anna. Anna's obstacle is that she feels Elsa wants nothing to do with her despite many attempts to rekindle their formerly very close relationship. One sister's flawed moral reasoning leaves her painfully forced to give the other the cold shoulder, whereas the other one can't understand why until it all blows up in the worst possible way (Coronation Day). How poetically poignant.

The Anna and Elsa sisters love montage tribute is set to the music of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years," which I feel is about the agony of waiting for a relationship (love) to materialize after what feels like an eternity. Ultimately, it's about putting aside one's fears (and calming the other person's fears as well) and putting oneself out there regardless of what happens. As the song goes, "I will be brave, I will not let anything take away from what's standing in front of me."

Rather than do a synopsis of the film, I chose to take some portions of the film out of sequence if the video clip conveyed an idea contained in the song's verse, chorus, or bridge. The bridge could have gone either way into "one step closer" (repeated); I feel this part of the song is very emotional leading up the subdued chorus. Siblings fight and siblings do things that unintentionally harm each other, but at the end of the day, the love endures.

Hans' betrayal need not be shown, but only that Elsa's life was in danger and that the only person who could save her was a dying Anna who gave her last full measure of devotion and sacrificed her own life for Elsa's despite years of being shut out by her. A supreme act of true love, or as Olaf put it, "Putting someone else's needs in front of your own." Very emotionally evocative. Very powerful. There was gasp of dread and shock in the movie theater as Anna's body froze solid, which was further reinforced by Olaf's tiny, "Anna....?" Then to top it off, there was Elsa's complete breakdown when she saw Anna's body. So much raw emotion displayed... Kudos to the writers for giving the audience and Anna a great misdirection about what kind of "act of true love" would save her.

I like the thematic approach of Frozen as opposed to a display of diametrically opposing forces of good versus evil.

I find it interesting that Elsa never once told Anna that she loved her, but actions speak louder than words. She was able to thaw everything so easily because her love for Anna was real, true and always present; all she had to do was express it.

As Elsa says, "Let it Go."

Feel free to share the montage. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Disclaimer: I do not own the material.


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