Don Bowie re-sets the unofficial bike/run record from Badwater, Death Valley (282 feet below sea level) the lowest point in the continental USA, to the highest point- the summit of Mt. Whitney (14,501 ft), in just over 17hrs. Check out for his other upcoming bike/run record attempts, including lowering the Badwater-Whitney time again this summer, an ascent of Mt. Shasta from the ocean sub 24hrs, and climbing 23,000ft Aconcagua in Argentina- from the ocean- in under 24hrs.

Camera: Cody Tuttle & Jonah Matthewson
Assistant: Jacob Penderworth
Produced by Don Bowie
Edited by the Fenom Creative brain-mash
Special Thanks: Jason Crockett, Tanya Zaleschuk, Jenny Fletcher, Al & Arlene Bowie


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