This is your captain speaking. And it's also the new Lyn Faber remix fresh out of the blue. The Hoboken lab of Lyndon Lorenz takes off again with another original music video chock full of public domain stock courtesy of the Prelinger Archive at

A trio of selections from the archive did the trick:
-- 6 1/2 Magic Hours (1958), a promotional film by Pan Am
-- The Airport (1948) from Encyclopaedia Brittanica
-- And oddly enough, The Story Of Carpet (date unknown), from the Chemstrand Corporation, also provided some great air travel clips

You know the drill: the music was complied in Garageband using AppleJam Pack and AMG loops and beats, then imported into iMovie HD for the video sync. This one took about twelve hours from first bootup to posting of the final, with a bunch of crashes thrown in too.


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