This promotional film serves as a highlights reel of my work during the Amageza Rallye 2013. I was the only official cameraman and as such includes action-cam footage from one of the participants.

I attended the 2013 Amageza Rallye Safari, South Africa. This was the third year of the Amageza with the long terms goal of a full fledged 14 day rallye event similar to the Dakar. 2013 introduced the moving bivouac and it was epic.

As official video man, it was tiring as I shot during the day as much as possible whilst keeping up, then, en route to the bivouac start processing footage to then make an edit for same day upload. It worked out quite well, although it did drain me rather quickly. By the end of day 3 (been going for 5 days already) I didn't even notice that I switched from 720p50 to 1080i50. The exhaustion also brought with it the loss of a 32Gb SD Card (thankfully no footage loss) as well as a broken Rode Mic mount. Sleep is optional during the Rallye.

The coolest part about the Amageza for me has been the previous year, flying in a Gyro Copter, seeing Sutherland, and this year, seeing parts of my country I have never seen before, and on day 2 of the rallye route, being alone on the west coast.

For more info on the rally and entry details, please visit

Technical info:
- Panasonic GH2 (only applied Pasadena Pulse Audio settings)
- GoPro Hero2 on Day2
- Rode Video Mic
- Benro A49F Monopod with feet (due to circumstances it stayed behind in another vehicle on one of the days)
- Weifeng WF-717AH
- 14-42 Lumix kit lens
- Some vintage glass on Day 1
- Editing on Lightworks
- Graphic background via Stock images and heavily modified in The Gimp


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