This is the second installment of Fagmedia's Faceless Men on Vimeo. I'm Sorry, but this one is def NSFW. It's a tasteful montage of male nudity that we present for educational purposes! It's a documentary of the penis from the viewpoint of non standard norms. It's maybe a bit Maplethorpe in style, perhaps.

Creative Commons Music Attribution: "This Is Britpop" by The Womb (

The Safe Sex Reminders are from the Perth Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from the Abbey of the Black Swan.

Below: The fine Print we need to say under Australian Election Laws Covering Political Campaign Messages.

The Sisters are supporting the Australian Sex Party in the WA Senate Re-Run Election on April Five, 2014. There are various reasons why but in a nut shell we support their policy of making Church Businesses pay their fair share of tax.

The Sisters believe that the best way for Government to hold ALL Churches to account for their abuses of children is to make them pay tax. All around the world Governments are spending huge amounts of their taxpayer's money to address problems caused by the Churches.

Making them pay tax is the best way to make the Church really take responsibility for the damage they have caused to society and to pay for the ongoing costs associated with the care and support of abuse victims.

The Sisters think a protest at the ballot box as a Goodbye present to Cardinal Pell would be lovely. And there is an election and handily, the Australian Sex Party do have a policy that would make the Church Pay Tax. For more information on the Policies of the Australian Sex Party go to

This video is produced by Fagmedia | Perth Gay News - Perth's Leading Independent Queer Media Organisation for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. This political message is authorised by Mary-Jane Singleton, Media Annuncio of the Abbey of the Black Swan in the Province of Western Australia & Editor of Perth Gay News. Fagmedia's website may be seen at


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