The Story of where we come from, why we're here, and where we're going.

Music used: "Above everything" by CapoProductionz

Thank you to the beautiful people who film and photograph beautiful things. Through their inspired work I was able to create this personal project for myself.

Film Sources:
Planet Earth Series, Episode: Mountains, and Freshwater
GoPro HD Bungee Jumping TV Commercial Tikal National Park, Episode 4
RanchoChilamate on Youtube: Christina's Beach Run on Horseback
Scentsy Fragrances, Just Breathe August 2011 video
JCVdude on Youtube: Caribbean Swimming with Sea Turtle, and
Seaottersoup on Youtube: Gazing at the Sun (Time Lapse)
EasyMeditation on Youtube: Being Relaxed - One Minute Meditation # 3
Kanye West: Runaway (extended Video Version)
Tesophotography on Youtube: The Aurora
devinsupertramp on Youtube: Waimea cliff jump
akke90 on Youtube: The Milkyway and Sandstorm
jcmegabyte on Youtube: Slow Motion Butterflies - Casio EX-F1
VaudeSport: VAUDE -Rocklands -Bouldermovie mit Kilian Fischhuber
ExploreIslamOrg on Youtube: The Creation of The Universe HD - Part 1
AboveAllPhotography on Youtube: Chicago Aerial - Skyline
BigBrotherW on Youtube: Super Slow Water Drop
e1ghtyf0ur on Youtube: Time Lapse Sunrise Mahwah, NJ Ramapo Mountains
Johankeijzer on Youtube: Orchid Time-lapse
Jetswing on youtube: Pacific Northwest - The Coast


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