We are excited to announce that Quentin Baillieux and Raphaëlle Tinland, the lovely pair behind directing team Parallel, have joined up with Hornet!

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One part illustration and one part photography, Quentin and Raphaëlle merged their respective talents to create exceptionally atmospheric films. Their style balances delicate lighting with textures and geometric shapes to create work rooted in minimal design. Far from simple, the resulting moods elicited from their elegent scenes captivate with their expansive and dynamic qualities.

Part of our ongoing effort to find international partners to collaborate with, Parallel comes via our new relationship with Parisian production company ChezEddy.


Client: Anonimo // anonimo.com/fr
Agency: Art Actuel Communication // artactuel.info/
Production : Agence Art Actuel Communication
Producer: Jean Paul Bath
Executive production: Benoît Pointreau
Direction & Art direction: Parallel
Animation: Ann lou Erambert
Sound design: Needle prod - Alexandre Poirier

j vimeo.com/97838846

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