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As some of you may already know, Jack of Sound has always liked to build his tracks around a story.

00:10 -- After his energy levels were fully charged,...

00:17 -- ...the male robot began a journey away from his planet to find the female robot of his dreams. They were separated from one another when they were forced to relocate, and he was unable to bear the pain of separation.

00:41 -- Despite the rough and stormy weather, the robot soldiered on. However, nature wasn't the only thing that got in the way. The guards of the planet noticed how the robot had flown away from his designated planet, and they were determined to stop him from leaving.

00:53 -- With all his might and all his strength, the robot tried to fight. He hardly had any time for energy charges.

01:09 -- Eventually, the poor robot sacrificed his last bar of energy in his struggle to break free.

01:21 -- The robot floated through the dark void of outer space, for the battle had drained his energy levels completely.

01:15 -- Fortunately, the robot was solar powered, and the golden sun provided enough light for him to recharge.

02:06 -- Once his energy levels were replenished by sunbeam,...

02:18 -- ...he shot himself through the vast universe like a rocket, and travelled from planet to planet in his search for her.

02:45 -- Eventually, they saw each other from afar. He flew to her as fast as he could, and held her tightly in his arms.

03:35 -- At last, love was in the air...Or universe, since there's no air in space. ;)

03:50 -- They flew off as they spun, round and round again. The journey he started had a brand new beginning.

Now that they are reunited, they can experience all the beautiful things in life, together.


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