AOL + Adweek Fuel The Future said: We don’t want to get political or anything (that is, if you think running a spot representing the views of almost all scientists is political). But we recommend you give “Combustible”—a public service spot from the Global Climate Change Initiative, created by REALM—a look-see.

It would take less time to actually watch the spot above than to read this rundown, but basically, we see a suited buffoon crossing the streets of Gotham bellowing into his mobile that climate change is a hoax, etc., etc. As he does this, he starts to smoke. No, not cigarettes. We mean smoke literally starts fuming from his person. And then he catches fire.

We wish we could say the guy erupted into flames to illustrate that old “liar, liar—suit on fire” saying. But since he seems to believe what he’s saying, we conclude the moral is: Some people literally have to be hit over the head—or, in this case, combust—before they believe the obvious (that climate change is real and caused by man, the Initiative asserts). Plus, of course, global warming can overheat business attire.

So when you’re forwarding this video link, we know it will be because you think it’s a clever effort at public service, not because it’s political. Because, you know, we don’t do political here.

Adweek said: "Combustible," an amusing online video for the Global Climate Change Initiative, shows a loudmouth big-biz type on a city street yacking into his cell about how global warming's a load of bunk, even as he bursts into flame and disintegrates into a smoldering pile of ash. Ah well, these days if you want to smoke, you've got to step outside. The message: "Climate change doesn't need you to believe in it." The spot was created pro-bono by New York agency Realm.


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