East Coast’s Gem Club (Christopher Barnes and Kristin Drymala) will sweep you off your feet. Their debut album, Breakers seems to wander, rowed slowly on a passage, secreting a message it only half-understands. Amidst the fog, however, the dim lanterns, and the specters on the banks, Gem Club maintains a clear vision, a clear voice, protective of its precious charge. Held crooked under its arm is a record of the kind of expression that can only ever be mostly understood, the way that hearts speak in codes unknown.

Gem Club are a special find, a sparkling rarity. Breakers is deep and wide, and quickly robs you of the ability to tell up from down. Breakers is many kinds of breakers, like what breaks the tide, what breaks the wind, and what breaks the heart. Check out Gem Club performing ”Twins” which is described by The 405 as,

The combination of piano, cello and minimal percussion that sounds like it’s coming from a very long way away, somehow evokes the stillness of dawn after staying up all night contemplating everything. “I think too much. I want to lie still, near you, near you,” is indicative of the poetically simple lyrics sung with such longing as to make me feel I’ve just bid the love of my life adieu. I’ve already strayed too far into adulation, but trust me, this really is transcendentally beautiful.

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j vimeo.com/36146984

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