Music Video Production: Polar Films Entertainment® 2014

Plot: A story about two lovers at the turn of the 19th century in the Faroe Islands.

At the turn of the 19th century, the Faroe Islands saw a radical boom in the fishing industry, which effectively transformed the entire country into a seafaring nation. But although this was a time, marked by prosperity and industrial growth, it was also a time marked by great tragedy and loss of life at sea.

"TÚ" (You) - Plot Synopsis:
It is winter in the Faroe Islands, and on the edge of a snow clad sheer cliff, a young woman is staring blankly out into the ocean's horizon. She is holding a small withered buttercup, which is quivering in the cold mountain wind.

The music starts, and in a contrasting candle-lit environment the singers start recounting the lyrics of a playful and sensual Faroese ballad about the fervor of a fleeting romance.

The girl from earlier is now seen in a warm summer setting on a field, haymaking with people in her village community. She is shyly exchanging glances with a boy who is cutting the grass nearby with a scythe.

Later, as the sun is setting, the boy and the girl are sitting together in the tall grass on a slope overlooking the ocean. They are now actively flirting, and the boy puts a little buttercup behind the girl's ear and after amorously teasing her, he leans in for a kiss and she willingly obliges him.

After the sun has set, their playful flirting escalates into passionate love making in a candle lit bedroom, where the lyrics of the song accompany and match their acts of intimacy.

The lovers are pulled back to reality in the morning, when at dawn the boy has to go out to sea. In the hazy light of the rising sun the couple is standing on the end of a small concrete pier where a small black rowing boat is waiting for the boy to board. The boat is full of rugged sailors, whose eyes are impatiently shifting between the young couple on the pier and their anchored wooden smack (traditional Faroese fishing vessel) fully rigged and ready for open sea fishery. The lovers say their tender goodbyes in silence, and the boy boards the rowing boat, and is carried away to sea.

The film closes with its opening picture, where the girl still waiting on a cliff in a bleak snowy landscape gazing at the horizon.

Music produced by Kartney Music © in collaboration with Krisstuff Studios ©
Mixed by Kris-Stuff Studios (Kristoffur Mørkøre)
Mastering Engineer: Björn Engelmann. (Cuttingroom Studios) Sweden
Original melody & lyrics written by Terji Rasmussen. Moirae - Tú (1996)

Girl: Elisabet Skaalum
Boy: Høgni Eysturoy

Louisa Joensen
Dánjal Petur Jensen
Miriam Hinz
Sámal Bóndi

Jan Bendtsen
Terji Rasmussen (The Legend)
Vilhelm Seyer Hansen
Oskar Hovgaard

Make up:
Matilda Ceni Sivertsen
Anita Krogh Mortensen

Still Photography:
Joan Iris Samson

Chromakey (post) and clean-up:
Jóhannus E. Johansen

All In are:
Terji Giovanni Djurhuus
Dánial Gomez Guðjónsson
Ólavur á Váli Olsen
Jóannes Lamhauge

Thanks to:
Mentanargrunnur Landsins
Tórshavnar Býráð
Tjóðpallur Føroya
Atli Hansen
Poul Niclassen
Lützens Timburhandil
Føroya Fornminnissavn


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