Original air date: November 7, 2013.

This episode is hosted by Waialua High and Intermediate School on the North Shore of Oahu.

TOP STORIES: From Iolani School on Oahu, the story of Iolani coach/mentor Dominic Ahuna and his journey from the Honolulu underworld as a nightclub bouncer, to finding God, to returning to his alma mater to become a coach and founder of the Iolani Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Near the end of his career as a bouncer, Ahuna became embroiled in the illegal drug trade that went on at the nightclubs where he worked. At a point when he felt his life and the lives of his loved ones were about to be threatened by criminals, Ahuna believes that God spoke to him and told him he would be killed if he continued his current lifestyle.

Plus, Students from Hana K-12 School on Maui tell the story of their town's iconic Hasegawa General Store, a family run business that opened in 1910; suffered a devastating fire in 1989 (ruled as a case of arson) that forced them to change locations; to current plans to rebuild the store at its original location.

ALSO FEATURED: Saint Francis School on Oahu shares the story of one of its science teachers, David Rockholm, whose life was forever changed when he joined the Peace Corps and was assigned to Fiji; Ewa Makai Middle School on Oahu reports on a young student who had her head shaved bald as an act moral support for children with cancer; students from Kapaa Middle School on Kauai offer up five tips for making friends; and Mid Pacific Institute on Oahu tells how the Aina Haina crack seed store Uncle Clay's House of Pure Aloha survived the economic downturn with the help of a younger generation family member; students from Waimea Canyon Middle School on Kauai show us how to form a traditional Hawaiian salt bed.

HIKI NŌ #506

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