This is the first shoot with my new Canon EOS C100. I LOVE THIS CAMERA!! Still adjusting picture profiles and getting used to it, but it is the most amazing low light performer I've ever seen. The picture is very beautiful, with all the best attributes of a DSLR and none of the drawbacks. There is no moire on fine lines and patterns, there is XLR audio on the camera, there is built in ND filters, and it is TACK SHARP when you want it to be.

Most of this was shot in WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE profile, though I made my own settings for the inside cabin shots. I can't even tell you how dark it was in there with just a few propane lights and a few windows (it was a very gloomy couple days), but this camera can really see in the dark! Some of this was 8000-10,000 ISO, with a 50mm F1.8 lens. Other interiors were with a Tokina 11-16mm F2.8. I used some noise reduction in my custom profile and coupled with the Wide Dynamic Range setting, it just looks like I lit the place up with lights! In reality, it is all available light, and quite dim to the naked eye at that!

We went to stay at a cabin for the Memorial Day weekend holiday, the weather was just miserable, with CONSTANT rain the entire 48 hours we were there. No kidding! I really wanted to shoot scenics and sunlight with this new camera, but instead, I did what I could with my oversize umbrella in one hand, and this beauty of a camera in the other. My wife was happy I had it so I didnt go stir crazy...I'm not much for board games and card playing.

More to come soon.


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