"TWINS (Knock Out)" is the debut single by Super Junior, which was released online as a digital single on November 8, 2005 and later as an official in the group's first studio album, SuperJunior05 (TWINS) on December 5, 2005.


The music video was filmed in a dance studio. A majority of the scenes are simply dancing footage, where the members are surrounded by fire and also the contrast, blue sky.

Similar to the lyrics and music style of the song, the dance choreography displayed for the "TWINS (Knock Out)" music video contains quick and tough body movements. The snatching movements of the wrist, elbow, and any other joint on the arms and legs are richly used in a form of a robot. Other hip hop movements, such as popping and locking, are also commonly used. Unlike Super Junior's other dances, sliding, waving, and other smooth movements are rarely used in the dance choreography. It is said that the movements of a flying eagle was an inspiration to the choreography, such as in the beginning of the dance and in the dance bridge towards the middle of the song, where their dance forms takes shape of an eagle.

credits: wikipedia

j vimeo.com/13026838

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