This is the sixth installment in a series called Homework*. Please let me know your opinions of the quality of the video. has a resource for downloading Presets to use with the Canon XH series cameras.

This video uses the preset TERRA1 (PRESET08.CPF). This particular preset is a soft unsharpened image, shadows retain detail without looking washed out.

This video was an assignment in my Documentary Film Workshop in which we needed to try and show a process of any action or set of actions. Could be showing how to boil or even watching some one pick-up their things and leave in their car. My partner and I sort of missed the side of the project with concern to shooting the moment. Instead we got a little too narrative and set-up the shots. Oh well. Was still fun. :)

I also added an assignment to the Homework* ( group. The assignment is the same one I had to do for this class. Try to show a process for anything, and lets see what you come up with. Join the group and upload your version. :)

Camera: Canon XH-A1, 30f, HDV
Editing and CC: Premiere Pro CS3


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