This was one of those days, when everything seemed to come together in such a perfect way.
The weather was warm, without being overly humid, the Bella Luna Inn and Montreat college were the perfect back-drop. Birdsong filled the air.
Everything seemed to glow... including the bride and groom!

These two were High School sweethearts- although that took some investment on Christine's part!
In Chris's own words- "At 15, any other girl would have given up on a boy who didn’t think that he wanted anything to do with her. She knew it was just a matter of time before she could wear me down enough to admit that I liked her, and I’m so glad she did." Christine says she "won him over", which I think is to say, she captured his heart.
Being around these two- I can see how their love was inevitable!

I Hope you enjoy this little romantic peek into their special day.

All the beauty of the day was orchestrated by-
Occasions by Emily-
Bella Luna Inn-
Montreat College-
The incredible eats-
Spinning the tunes-
Clicking the photos was Neil Ladner-
And last but not least, thanks to Adam Raimond for helping wrangle cameras on the day of.


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