Ogród, Japoński

Shot on my short holiday to Poland.

The Japanese garden is a relic from the 1913 World Fair in Wroclaw. It was created and laid out by a Japanese culture lover, Count Fritz von Hochberg, helped by a Japanese gardener, Mankichi Arai. In the following years, the garden was not well taken care of and some of the elements that were lent for the World Fair were removed and the garden lost part of its Japanese character.

In 1994, the city of Wroclaw decided to renovate it with the support of the Japanese embassy in Warsaw. Japanese professionals from the city of Nagoya worked at its renovation.

Many new elements were added with respect to the original form. The result is exceptional and it is now a real masterpiece. Each element of the garden has its own meaning, that will not be understood by most novice visitors.

Highlight of the garden are the two waterfalls. The male one with its rapid flow and the female one, which flows on three intermediate levels. The water from the two waterfalls flows towards a pond.

j vimeo.com/2996404

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