First of all, Josephine's nickname is Ochie so let us call her that from now as we never actually call her Josephine ever since we got to know them :P

Thank you so much for ruben and ochie for kindly inviting us to their part of the world. We had such a blast visiting San Fransisco as well as other cities in the U.S last January. It was quiet complicated to film this wonderful couple's story. One reason because we had such a big pressure being brought down all the way from down under, but also because their proposal story is definitely one of the cutest we've ever heard before. We had a few skype meetings with them before the wedding to dig out their story and the things that are important for them as a xcouple. We found that they are very different as individuals but they found each other through faith at the perfect time and we believe it is all meant to be.

Ruben loves his junk food
Ochie loves cooking quality food

Ruben loves his warren buffet and other "serious" books
Ochie loves her girly 5 love languages and easy-to-read books

Ruben is a neat-freak
Ochie.... not so much...

We got to witness ruben's neat-freakness and surely he got along well with Ferry... they started to tidy things up together... it was weird....

Shooting in San Fransisco was definitely the highlight of our trip... I particularly love the scene where ochie was waiting for ruben outside of her cooking school with her uniform.. its just super romantically hollywood...

The proposal shoot turned out a lot better than we were expecting only because it was raining on the day and we didn't have much time as the sun was setting. Good thing Ruben and Ochie have mastered their acting skills and the whole thing just went beautifully. We couldn't differentiate the real proposal and the filmed one. They both look so similar!

Anyhow, thanks again ruben and ochie for the adventure.. we love you guys and we wish we could have been there on your wedding to witness the whole thing and see you guys happy. We're sure you guys had a blast and we look forward to catch up with you again, hopefully in sydney this time! Ruben gotta take some pics with koala! :P


The Paper Cranes team


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