Guerrilla Gardening a Police Station, Lordship Lane East Dulwich 29th March 2009
Karavan eco shop is open on sundays and has an arrangement with the neighbouring store to use the patio areas of the Sunday closed stores to host a range of stallholder tents sharing experience and information. The Sunday space is a buzz with local vistors amd residents enjoying an amazing asortment of food styles deli's catering for all your family needs, encouragingly shops are pram and most restaurants are child seat friendly..

Activities organised by Karavan this Sunday 29th March............

Let’s get Growing!
Want to grow your own food?
No space?
No idea where to start?
Come and meet South London Garden Organic, Center for Wildlife Gardening,
Dulwich Park Community Allotment, Southwark re-cycling/composting
and diplayed a range of Organic Seeds and Planters and lots more

So besides the fun time filming and helping out on the stalls chatting to all, I learnt about.

1. A simple idea
2. learn't to make a seed bomb and plant your own food.
3. Suggested some one try and grow yams
4. Recycling materials for gardening

ohh and I watered a policemens helmet, outside a policestation..........

Visit the Secret Greenhouse.....

Whats amazing about this project is the simplicity of scale and resourcefulness and creativity to reuse common and overlooked waste products This project explores the use of reclaimed materials and suggests a use for road tyres.
For information vist -

Here are just a few tips I've learnt about how to go about Guerrilla Gardening, a basic twelve step guide of things to think about. These are not rules, you make them up, you're a guerrilla, they are just some lessons from war

1. Spot some local orphaned land.
2. Plan a mission.
3. Find a local supply of plants.
4. Choose plants for front line battle.
5. Get some Wellington Shoes.
6. Bag some bags.
7. Regular Watering.
8. Seed bombs.
9. Chemical Warfare.
10. ----------- Ommitted -----------
11. Spread the word
12. Transportation.

Checkit out in full

Produced by You and I Skills


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