after almost 6 months of planning, the countdown finally came to a halt and we made good on delivering a world's first in the form of a new car model being dramatically unveiled at one of the world's premier shows. without a car. the pitch at the infiniti's nashville headquarters a few months again went a little something like this: "what if we welcomed people inside an empty tent!..." i said to a room full of executives. "what if we didn't and say we did? and actually what if you got out of this building and never came back?!" i was prepared to hear. but no, they listened, attentively, at the seemingly crazy plan we at theapt had devised while trying to outdo ourselves from last year's house of inspiration.

agencies like mine usually waltz into conference rooms like theirs arguing that positioning is the single most important part of marketing but we omit to make clear that saying such things positions us as "holders of a truth" for our clients. truth is a dangerous concept for a creative agency to lay claim to as it is one that, to paraphrase a great man, cannot possibly be written in ink, only found in nature. which got us thinking... truth only reveals itself when one gives up all preconceived ideas such as the ideal of a supposed infallible process to sell more cars. that is what we wanted to propose.

envisioned as a powerful and stirring experience, the infiniti journey of inspiration is emotionally involved within the world of the car company. welcomed into the tent, we are shown, not told about, the muses and motivations that have, over the past 20 years, guided the designers and engineers behind every single vehicle. we encounter face-to-face, not are simply presented with, the creativity and inventiveness with which problems are solved and opportunities taken. we, finally, are surprised and delighted by the revelation that infiniti has apparently given away the sources of its own inspiration. by way of a technology called mapping projection, invented and patented by our good friends at klip collective the guests will be surrounded 360° by visual and aural expressions of the brand in a way that has never before been achieved. the goal is absolute involvement. the goal is to tell the story of a myriad journeys taken in the cars. the goal is to invite and inspire.

and that is what we did.

check out the show here:

check out the 2011 infiniti M here:

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