A professor of biology discovers a mysterious secret to immortality – which lies within his own body.

The Story
In a dim, cluttered laboratory, Dr. Michael Sieggombe, a single father and professor of biology, lectures his class on cancer and cell aging. The mood has been somber lately since his students learned of their professor’s condition — he is being consumed by the very disease he has spent the latter part of his life studying. But soon two mysterious and contradicting characters will emerge to turn his world upside down and he will be shown a path that will not only allow him to beat the cancer, but cheat death itself. I Become Gilgamesh is a fantastic tale intertwining modern science, classic mythology, passion, lust and immortality. This psychological thriller will have audiences on the edge of their seats, provoking those eternal questions: “What would you do to save your life? What would you do for immortality?”

The Journey
The inception of I Become Gilgamesh began over two years ago when writer/director Juan Francisco de la Guardia penned an initial draft of the story. In the summer of 2009 Juan partnered with Chad Windham and Danny Nguyen of PPB Entertainment. They had a moderately successful run in the Dallas 48 Hour Film Festival, proving their team had a good working chemistry. At whirlwind speeds production was underway for Gilgamesh, with casting, scheduling and mass of other pre-production components sorted within a few months.

In November of 2009 filming began and continued for four weeks, which was an ambitious schedule. There were all the roller coaster incidents of a movie shoot as you’d expect; long days, endless takes, unbelievable cold (for Texas) just to name a few. But all cast and crew rose to the occasion and filming wrapped as scheduled in early December.

Currently Gilgamesh is deep in post-production and is slated to take on the festival circuit by late-summer of 2010. Please visit the Facebook page for information and to join the mailing list.


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