This is the love story that was screened prior to the church and dinner march in. Yes, a record 2 times in a day! Reason being, the group of guests that attended the morning church ceremony was different from the one who went for the dinner. Screening their love story prior to the couple's initial appearance gave the guests so much more insights on the couple's lives, personality and how the two of them started as friends, came together to become husband and wife.

During the first meetup session with Jarvis and Shu Ping, we knew they had a beautiful story to tell. A story so intimate and intricate at times. Hence, we decided to story-tell their love story in a different manner.

As you can see from the opening scene, we intentionally craft it in a way to keep the audience in suspense. We came back to the same scene towards the end to round things up with a lot more details and depth.

On the technical side, the filming process is slightly longer due to the interview recording which was conducted at our neighbour's studio, Avenue 8 Photography. Thank you to Bernard and the rest of the team for lending us the studio. :) Jarvis and Shu Ping shared so much of their love story with us that we had to spend much time deciding which portion to keep. We had to keep the film concise, yet comprise all the major twists and turns of their love life.

Wedding afterthoughts:
It was that moment when Shu Ping walked down the church aisle with her dad touched us the most. Shu Ping had her eyes on Jarvis and Jarvis answered with a blissful smile. Knowing how they got together, saw and feel the way they love each other, this lovely scene kept lingering on our mind.

"What God has joined, man must not divide."


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