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alcheh&hunt is an award-winning full-service music and audio-post house offering a streamlined workflow of world-class talent from offices in Boulder and Los Angeles.

We pride ourselves in uncompromising attention to detail, and our services include original music, library music licensing, sound design, voice over casting and recording, music editing and supervision, stereo and surround final mix and more. On a daily basis we strive to support, enhance and elevate the work of brilliant directors, producers and editors working in advertising, film/TV and on the web. Being great believers in live music, we are always in search of the greatest talent in all corners of the music industry, often recording performers, singers and orchestras all over the world.

Some of our advertising campaigns include:
Coca-Cola | BMW | Macy's | Time Warner Cable | USA Network | A&E | Marmot | Animal Planet | ABC | Food Network | Corcs | Weber | Dish Networks | Smashburger | Nintendo | Ford | Citibank | Kia | Macy’s | Puma | Oakley | United Way | Aveda | Land's End | Blue Cross/Blue Shield |

Visit us at:


Visit for our is a premiere production music library geared to towards the creative community - ad agencies, film and TV production companies and studios, trailer editors and more. We are guided by the belief that the right music can transform moving images and we are here to help filmmakers and editors find the perfect inspiration for their visuals.
Call us regarding pricing for use in national, regional and international TV commercials and advertising, TV shows and theatrical films and soundtracks, movie trailers and promos. We offer blanket license, special prices for use in internet videos, web sites, documentaries, corporate videos and presentations, local TV commercials, promos and PSAs.


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