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Andrzej Mrotek - Director/Producer
Date of Birth: August 24, 1981
Andrzej Mrotek grew up in Jupiter Florida, The son of Raynera Mrotek. At 10 years old, he made his onstage acting debut in Shakespeare’s, A Midsummer Nights Dream and realized at that moment this was what he loved. As a child he went on to perform in multiple plays every year. Then at 20 years old he moved to Los Angeles California to pursue a career in film. He made his TV debut playing a technician on C.S.I. Las Vegas (2004). His feature film Debut as an actor was in Domino (2005) and played various roles in C.S.i. Las Vegas and Gilmore Girls.
In the summer of 2007, Andrzej Mrotek realized that rather than acting, his true talent lay behind the camera.
His first film was a short that he wrote and directed, called a Grain of Salt (2008). This helped pave the way for his feature film directing debut with Deadly Closure (2010), starring Lisa Varga (Marley and Me, America’s Most Wanted), Kenneth Michael Stellingwerf, Audrey Landers (Dallas, A Chorus Line) and Diane Ford ("One Night Stand", Nominated eleven years in a row for Comedienne of the Year).
Directing seemed to have been the right choice for Andrzej Mrotek and he is very excited to have his Directorial debut of Deadly Closure.

Filmography (director):
a Grain of Salt (2008)
Last Minute (2008)
Deadly Closure (2010)

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