Alejandro Diez

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Alejandro Diez // Video Designer // Film maker

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Having recently become a compulsive tetris player during long international flights, Alejandro has always been interested in working on the audio-visual aspect of productions without any fear of briefly trying out alternative jobs. This is how, during an 11-year career as a film-maker, he has been employed in a variety of other jobs: Farmer (1996), Grape-picker (France, 2004), Supermarket Sales Assistant and Store Cashier (Ireland, 2005), Radio Host (2006) and Waiter (Mexico, 2008/9). He uses these different experiences, in the same way an actor might, as research to feed his own path as a story-collector and image-teller.

Besides the work of artistic visual direction he does in Astillero tango orchestra (since its beginning in 2005,, Alejandro dedicates time to direct different local and South American TV projects. Recently he directed a reality series called In the deep, filmed in Italy and Egypt, about the famous record-holding famous free diving athlete, Gianluca Genoni. In April 2010, he filmed a documentary in Senegal, Africa, about the Spanish NGO called Dentistas sobre ruedas ( During May 2010 he worked in the Playboy TV production "Neighborhood rumors" at the role of Camera 1. Having accomplished 9 international tours with the Astillero Tango Orchestra, in January 2011 he started working for The History Channel Lationamerica, as one of the filmmakers of the staff, travelling to Chile to record for "El Universo" series.


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