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Madrid - Spain

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Spanish director, cameraman and editor Alejandro Durán studied for his degree on Media Communication in Madrid and Rome.

After finishing this studies he started working as a journalist-editor in magazines such as FHM, DT or NOX. Two years after, realizing that what he really liked was cinema and video, he started technical studies on Cinema Directing. With the opportunity to combine both of these skills he was offered a job as a web editor for Orange France Telecom, where he also worked as a video journalist, filming and editing reportages in different events and fashion weeks.

All of his career, Durán has combined his different talents with filming fictional short films, music videos, spots and documentaries.

In November 2009 the Opportunity to work outside from Spain arose with an offer from the film director Bruce LaBruce. Alejandro filmed and edited all of the videos that where screened during the performance 'The Bad Breast or The strange case of Theda Lange', in Berliner HAU and the Brut Theatre in Vienna.

Alejandro has recently finished a longer version of the footage from the latest theater piece alongside Bruce LaBruce . Which is to be exhibited in museums in New York, Tokyo and Le Pompidou in Paris.
His short movie ‘Beastgarden’ is now going to be presented to Lesgaycinemad contest and he is preparing the film ‘Mommy is coming’, directed by Cheryl Dunye and produced by Jürgen Bruning, in wich he will be assistant director.
Now, under the production of Das Tier, Alejandro has just finished the short film ‘Sígueme’.

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