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Born in Turin (Italy) in 1967. He worked with the Archimedes Centre of Visual Arts (a cultural centre of a District in Turin) since 1988, were he held workshops on video. Since 1991 he worked with the National Film Archives of Resistence (Turin), where he realized documentaries about the Second World War, the Resistance, about workers struggle and other subjects relevant to the activity of the Archive. Since 1995 he worked with Theater Juvarra in Turin in the realization of multimedia shows and videoperformances. He also works as a teacher of video language and practice in DAMS, Department of Art, Music and Performing arts of the University of Turin, Italy. He wrote several books about videoart; video technics and aesthetics of electronic arts. Since 1989 he realizes experimental videos, documentaries, music videos, videoinstallations, multimedia shows and videoscenographies for dance performances.

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