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Hallo people!

I'm an italian filmmaker based in Amsterdam, who likes to play this game since twelve years!

Being a filmmaker means that I'm skilled to plan, organize, shoot and edit your movie.
My experience goes from advertising to documentary, fiction and corporate movies with also some excursions on wedding movies.

As a DP I'm experienced on Sony cameras EX1R, EX3, FS-100, FS-700, PMWF3, F5, F55, Canon DSLR 6D, 7D, 5DMkII, 5DMkIII, C100, C300, Nikon D600, D800.
I'm also skilled for work in the light department as gaffer, best boy or even electrician... the most important thing
for me is to be on the set!

My best quality: I love create images and play with lights and framing to get always the perfect atmosphere during the shooting.

What can I deliver to your project? Creativity, professionalism, experience.
In one word: solutions.

Any questions? Please contact me!


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