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Alexandra GUITÉ is a filmmaker and videojournalist whose documentary films are innovative and moving human stories. Fascinated by the art of filmmaking as well as by social issues and human creativity, she has directed several films, both documentaries and fiction films. She completed the Institut National de l’Image et du Son’s rigorous film direction program in 2006. She also holds Master’s degrees both in Philosophy and Political Science. Versatile and focused, she can research, write, direct, film and edit provocative political and point-of-view documentaries as well as introspective portraits. She has explored a broad variety of subjects such as the aftermaths of the famous Bonaventure Island land expropriation, the radical politics of Latin-American social movements, the social and human power of art, noise pollution, organic agriculture, the realities of Canada’s First Nations, gentrification and homelessness. In 2010, she wrote, researched, directed and coproduced the 12 films of the NFB’s award winning Web Documentary Sound Ecology. She then roamed the Arctic and Canada’s West Coast directing short documentaries for Canada’s National Broadcaster (CBC/Radio-Canada). She has since worked for CBC/Radio-Canada, covering technology/film/the arts and creating short riveting documentaries on social and human issues, intimately portraying original and courageous characters. An accomplished teacher and communicator, she also teaches new media, journalism and film.

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