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Alexander Baumgardt is a designer turned management consultant and educator living in San Francisco in Berlin.

Alexander is a faculty member of the pioneering Interaction Design Program at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. He designed and is teaching the inaugural course on Experience – a class about the systemic design of holistic human-centered product- and service-experiences.

Over a decade Alexander has built up a unique portfolio and methodology of systems thinking, branding, interaction design, organization, strategic planning and visual modeling – helping leadership to identify and become comfortable with disruptive change in business, product and service strategy. He has been advising and leading the design of award-winning experiences in industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, financial services, transportation, media, telecommunications and information technology. He held several design leadership positions in Europe and the United States at leading firms such as MetaDesign or Method.

In addition to his professional & teaching practice Alexander is frequently invited to give corporate keynotes and speak at industry events – such as the Google Speaker Series, Xerox PARC or NEXT Service Design conference.

Alexander is also a proud founder of De:Bug Magazine – a leading german crossmedia outlet exploring the cutting edge of digital media’s impact on culture & business since 1997.

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