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Very soon Italian born Alex began his career as a film director in shooting short films which achieved public acclaim
in various international festivals.
Alive to tighten contacts with the image in all its aspects,
he realizes movies from spots to documentaries, from short cuts to institutional films.
Alex follows the conviction that the team is the star, that the team is always winning and it can make the difference.
That's why he fuses persons arriving from the most various experiences and places in the world.
One of his gratest passion is music.
The wide knowledge and sensibility in this field gives him the possibility to set the most beautiful and adequate audio in his films.
Thank's to his strong will of experimentation and realising projects he refers to collaborations with:

Alto verbano, Haibun, Brw, Filmaster, MotionPictures, Altamarea, Aem, Pagine Utili, Sisal, FieraMilano, L’Eco di Bergamo, Saporiti, Tyco, Txt, Ubu Film, Walt Disney, Triennale di Milano, Diaviva, Ras, Allianz, Paolo Grassi, Colmar, Consorzio Gorgonzola, Outfit, Gao, Converse, Lavazza, Armando testa, Miro Film, Sky Fox, Orisa Film, Sportarredo, Fila, DLV, Proximity Italia, Tetrapack, Adstudio, Postofficereloaded, DPR,
Blinko, mediaset, Dahiatsu, Yoga, Acquolina, Giochi preziosi.

In 2008 Alex is founding Pandua, together with 3 partners. Pandua is a production film company, operating in advertising. The first important approach is the creative productivity in combination with an agile proceeding in the communication field.
As a first project in phase of establishment Pandua is preparing the start up of a media facade in piazza duomo of Milan, a 500 mq led screen, realized by Urban Screen and Circom

...and when the time allows it, I go out in a sailing boat..
let me transport from the wind,
trying to understand the subtle
equilibrium of nature..

It is my pleasure to get into contact with you through my international agent:
cell +27 83 256 8420
tel. +27 21 689 5878
fax +27 21 686 5345

45 Palmboom Road
Cape Town
South Africa

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