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I desire to use my God given talents in the arts and media to enrich myself, others, the arts, and the world. I constantly seek ways to learn and improve myself and my craft, from success or failure, as well as pass on knowledge and inspiration to others. Offering passion, honesty, professionalism, respect, adaptability, and a personable character is paramount to me and my past successes.


Alex’s formal training began at age 14 through TigerVision, Texas High School’s broadcast journalism program. He traveled to several national competitions for high schools and received awards for both on site and off site projects. His senior year he produced and directed a feature length documentary.

Those skills were broadened in John Brown University’s Digital Media Undergraduate program. There he began a cinematic approach to digital media to balance out a broadcast background.

An opportunity to intern at Encore Multimedia gave Alex a wealth of experience and exposure in a professional environment. Working with a professional crew and equipment as well as opportunities to work directly with clients from the beginning of the project development to final product added a great “real world” foundation.

After that Alex took a position at First Baptist Church Texarkana. Here he again worked under strict deadlines for the production of their weekly national broadcasts. He served as the camera crane operator and a videographer during production, then lead motion graphic artist while in post production.

Alex attended the University of Texas at Arlington to finish earning a B.F.A. in Film/Video/Screenwriting. Here, his skills were constantly challenged and formed as he found style and vision. Alex has worked on many projects in varied positions like sound mixer, locations scout, grip, production assistant, editor, director of photography, producer, and director.

Alex’s ten year goal is to become a member of the American Society of Cinematographers.

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