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San Diego, CA

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Alex Ingram is a multimedia artist currently based in San Diego, California. Bringing a unique
perspective to his work, he weaves together his experiences in fine art, fashion, and commercial
advertising into one. His recent work is inspired by a shift back to the west coast as he views
California as an escape pulling from the landscape, culture, and the overall “California vibe” that surrounds him. Working under David Cunningham (VP of Development from IMG Models) Alex has gained a unique eye from one of modelings most talented scouts, quickly able to determine imagery that is powerful and resonates with the viewer. His choice of medium is as unique as his vision taking to photography, digital, paint, and whatever else he can get his hands on to create.

Alex attained his Masters Degree in Digital Arts from the Pratt Institute in New York City (one of the oldest and most respected art colleges in) and Bachelors Degree in Arts and Technology from California State University San Marcos with a Minor in Art History.

Alex currently works as an educator and volunteers as an Artist Liason at the Lux Institute in
Encinitas, California.

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